What is NGS++?

NGS++ is a C++ library for manipulating Next Generation Sequencing data. 

Our library is specifically tailored to help develop applications that work with genomic regions and features, such as epigenomics marks, gene features and data that are often associated with BED type files. It integrates a transparent data loading and writing interface that simplifies dealing with the heterogeneous nature of genomic data files and provides a simple internal structure that allows the developer to easily query and modify the loaded data as needed.

Some technical details:

  • Language : C++ 11
  • Bindings : Python 2.7.3 (experimental)
  • Platform : GNU/Linux ( but has been compiled on Windows/Mac OSX )
  • Suggested compiler : GCC 4.7 or higher
  • License:  LGPL v3 license  for the main library. Boost license for the Boost elements and the MIT license for the Bamtools API.

What is not NGS++?

NGS++ is not specialized in sequence analysis. If you are looking to work with unaligned fragments or perform advanced pattern analysis, we recommend you look the SeqAN library, a powerful mature library with specialized sequence algorithms.

NGS++ is not a toolkit. A library is a set of functionalities offered to a developer to facilitate implementation of new tools. If you are a end user with little programming experience, a code library is not what you are looking for. 

If you are unsure whether the library is suited for your needs, we suggest you browse the Documentation/Tutorials section to get an idea of the tasks NGS++ is designed for.

Getting started

The Download section contains instructions on obtaining and building the library. The Documentation page contains tutorials to get you started and more in-depth discussions of the library. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us via the Contact page.