This section is for general questions. For common programmings problems using NGS++ see our Common mistakes vignette.

1) Why do you not support Clang?

Clang/LLVM is a great compiler that offers solid C++11 support. However GCC offers an experimental openMP parallel implementation of several of the std::algorithms. As large portions of the library revolve around wrapping several of these algorithms, the possibility of being able to transparently compile in parallel mode was too good to ignore.

2) Why do you not support Windows?

We have previously built and used NGS++ using the TDM-GCC chain and we offer a guide  to help you get started. However, we do not guarantee the library will work on a Windows platform, nor do we necessarily test new version on the platform. Considering the overwhelming presence of Linux use in bioinformatics, we have focused on better supporting the library with additional functionalities rather then additional platforms.

3) I found a bug, what should I do?

Tell us! Or log it in the GitHub! We try to test in-depth, but errors can get through.

4) What is the ngs-testing directory that came with the library

That is our test suite, implemented via the gtest platform. It is included for completeness sake and in case anyone wishes to branch off the library. Note that certain tests require data files that are not provided on the GitHub.

5) zlib is installed in my linux distribution but I still get a “cannot find lz” error when I try to compile NGS++

The developer version of zlib may not be installed in your distribution, please refer to zlib webpage for instructions about zlib installation.

6) None of the samples are building with the error “NGS++.h: No such file..”

Please make sure you have executed make install. If you would rather not move the NGS++ files to your /usr directories, you will need to link the library and include the appropriate header files.

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